167 Pieces Found


175P Valley Panorama Print
193P Valley Panorama Print
2007-8 Ribbons
5P Valley Panorama Print
6102516 Three Kings Ornament
63123 Ornament Santa On A Pony
63126 Ornament Santa on Fish
651833 Ornament Give Me A Hug
7P Valley Panorama 16"
87011 Holy Virgin Mary Ornament
87018 Icon Of The Holy Face Ornament
87020 The Holy Family Ornament
87022 Saint Michael The Arch Angel Ornament
87032 Lady Of Guadalupe Ornament
A33M Medium Eclectic
A44S Sm Serpent Warrior
A46S Sm Spirit Figures
A6SnoR Small Multi Kokopelli noR Orange
AMG132 Winter Scene
AP36S Small Humpback Deity P/H G/B
AT102 Gypsy
AT106 Ashley
AT114 Primavera Spring
B17 Small Deep Face Bowl
C31L Large Rounded Cross
CA3 Medium Primitive Face Bowls
CA8 Oval Face Bowls
DMG31 Moonrise
DMG33 Emerald Creek
DU13 Peaks of Glory
F17 Small Face Bowl
F23 Small Bowl
F29 Large Bowl
FACG1 Intricate Design Red/White Hand Crafted Pottery
FACG2 Intricate Design Red/Black Hand Crafted Pottery
FACG4 Burnished Black Ribbed Hand Crafted Pottery
FACG5 Burnished Black Tall Vase Hand Crafted Pottery
FD318 Purple Pinons
FD319 Secluded Cove
FD320 April Thaw
FD321 Golden Lights
FD322 Pond Reflections
FD323 Final Aspens
FD324 Season of Color
FD326 Dunes & Pinon
FD327 First Light
FD328 Creek and Willows
FD329 Violet Hills
FD330 Stormy Evening
GG2 Fall #14702
GY2 Still Life
GY6 The Soul Of Nature
JAK12 Shaded Siesta
JB12CG Intricate Design Brown/Black Hand Crafted Pottery
JB13CG Miniature Red & Black Hand Crafted Pottery
JB14CG Miniature Red/Black Hand Crafted Pottery
JB15CG Miniature Red/Black/Yellow/Green Hand Crafted Pottery
JB16CG Miniature Red/Black/Turquoise Hand Crafted Pottery
JB17CG Black/White/Red Vase Hand Crafted Pottery
JB1CG Miniature Wedding Vase W/ Frog Hand Crafted Pottery
JB21CG Miniature Turtle & Bird Hand Crafted Pottery
JB22CG Miniature Frog & Rabbit Hand Crafted Pottery
JB28CG Burnished Black Hand Crafted Pottery
JB32CG Miniature Firefly Hand Crafted Pottery
JB34CG Miniature Lizard Hand Crafted Pottery
JB36CG Intricate Half Red Half Green Hand Crafted Pottery
JB38CG Marble Frog Hand Crafted Pottery
JB3CG Red Lizard Hand Crafted Pottery
JB40CG Black & White Dragonfly Hand Crafted Pottery
JB42CG Green & Brown Intricate Hand Crafted Pottery
JB45CG Red Carved Hand Crafted Pottery
JB46CG Red & Black Hand Crafted Pottery
JB48CG Burnished Black Wedding Vase Hand Crafted Pottery
JB4CG Miniature Red/White Hand Crafted Pottery
JB52CG Intricate Design Brown/Black/White Hand Crafted Pottery
JB53CG Burnished Black W/ Circular Design Hand Crafted Pottery
JB54CG Burnished Black Hand Crafted Pottery
JB56CG Intricate Detail Red Lizard Design Hand Crafted Pottery
JB58CG Miniature Multicolor Hummingbird Pot Hand Crafted Pottery
JB59CG Miniature Etched Black Lizard Pot Hand Crafted Pottery
JB5CG Miniature Multicolor Hand Crafted Pottery
JB61CG Miniature Black & Red Turtle Hand Crafted Pottery
JB63CG Miniature Red/Turquoise/Black Turtle & Fish Hand Crafted Pottery
JB6CG Red/Black/White Hand Crafted Pottery
JB71CG Miniature Red & Black Wedding Vase Hand Crafted Pottery
JB72CG Miniature Red Cardinal Pot Hand Crafted Pottery
JB73CG Miniature Black Etched Turtle Hand Crafted Pottery
JB76CG Miniature Black & White Pot Hand Crafted Pottery
JB8CG Miniature Turquoise, Red, White Hand Crafted Pottery
JC15 Sharing The Water
JC16 Dunes
KEA134 Fire Bear
KEA138 The Rim Watlz Giclee
KEA140 "Sunrise Ceremony"
LCBW100 Barrette, Geometric w/Copper, Bronze & 24K Beads
LCBW103 Wire Earring Austrian Crystal, Turquoise, Amethyst, Coral Beads
LCBW104 Bracelet Bronze & 24K Beads
LCBW23 Pink Quartz, Tiger Eye, Gold Stone, Swarovski, 24k Y/G Earrings
LCBW27 Turquoise W/ 14K Y/G Barrette
LCBW31 Peacock & Roses Barrette 24k, Pink Coral, Australian Crystal
LCBW44 Garnet Rhodo Agate Austrian earrings
LCBW45 Malachite, Chrysocola, Garnet, Bronze Earrings
LCBW49 Gecko Barrette 24K Gold
LCBW57 Enernal Knot Bolo, 24K gold, Copper, Azurite, Turq.
LCBW63 Wire Earrings 24K Gold, Lapis, Azurite, Austrian Crystal
LCBW69 Pin/Pendant, 24K, Jasper, Turq, Copper, Bonze, w/10K YG Chain.
LCBW70 Pin FW Pearls, Amethyst, Aust. Crystal, Sterling Sil.
LCBW77 Barrette Arizona, Turq Inlay,24K Gold,Bronze,Copper
LCBW78 Barrette Arizona #2, Jasper Inlay,24K Gold, Bronze, Copper
LCBW8 Pin Antique Rose
LCBW81 S/S Earrings Moonstone, Onyx,Coral,ABcrystal,Aust.Crystal,FWcultPearls
LCBW82 S/S Earrings, Carnelian, 24K, Tigereye,FWpearls,Aust.Crystal,Copper,Bronze
LCBW83 Bracelet, FW Pearl,24K,Bronze,Copper
LCBW84 Barrette Red Coral 24k
LCBW89 S/S Wire Earring Austrian Crystal, Black Onyk, & 24K Beads
LCBW90 Wire Earring, Blk Onyx, Austrian Crystal & Pewter Beads
LCBW91 Bracelet, Black Onyx, Silver, Pewter & 24K Beads
LCBW92 Barrette, Beaded Sunset
LCBW93 Bracelet, Gecko w/Silver, Bronze & 24K Beads
LCBW94 Barrette, Long Rose w/Bronze & 24K Beads
LCBW95 Wire Earrings, Austrian Crystal, Lapis, & 24K Beads
LCBW96 Wire Earrings, Austrian Crystal, Amethyst & 24K Beads
LCBW97 Barrette, Dragonfly w/Austrian Crystal, Tigereye, 24K Beads & Turquoise Inlay
LCBW98 Barrette, Geometric w/Austrian Crystal, Tigereye, Turquoise & 24K Beads
M1- Human Form Magnet
M10- Howling Coyote
M11- Kokopelli Magnet
M12 Conjugal Bliss Magnet
M13 Bear Print
M14 Classic Cross
M15 Budded Cross
M28 Sixteenth Note Magnet
M29 Hummingbird
M4 Water Spiral
M5- Pueblo Bear Magnet
M50 Hand Print
M51 Heart
M53 Sun Magnet
M6 Turtle
M61 Double Spiral
M63 Beaver Magnet
M70 Goddess
M8- Lizard Magnet
NV14 Little Jewel Series #11
NV16 Little Jewel Series #13
NV19 Little Jewel Series #16
NV5 Monet
O19LnoR Large Gecko noRessence
O1sncR Sm Moose noR White
O21Mnor Medium Bear noRessence Blue
O9MnoR Medium Zia noRessence Purple
OPS44S Sm Pounce P/S Green
OPS6L Lg Bison P/S Green
OTA18 Wet Mountain Valley Other Side Of Blanca
OTA25 They Came From the Past and Revisited my Cathedral
P10 Meet You By The Aspens
S-4759 S/S Rose-Gold 7.5" D-C Beads w/ Silver Accents Magnetic Closure Bracelet
SB166 Sherry Black Print
T-5453 Bracelet S/S Opal Flower
TRB85 "Mary Filled with Peace" Print
VV106 Conejos Pops
VV110 Fall Flight
VV114 Angus Canyon
VV116 The Old Bridge
VV78 Elk Creek Road Fog
VV96 Day's Last Sliver
W-9667-7 Size 7 S/S Opal Flat Ring