150 Pieces Found


175P Valley Panorama Print
193P Valley Panorama Print
2007-8 Ribbons
2013-30 Studio View,Winter
3036-ST La Dolce Vita Crystal Topaz Bracelet
3046-MC Braclet Signature Collection Intricate Mosaic
3077-MC Baguette Bracelet-Multicolor
3082-MC Architectural Bracelet-Multicolor
3083-MC Square Swirl Bracelet-Multicolor
3091-MC Viva Bracelet-Multicolor
3092-SOFT Vintage Round Bracelet Soft
5P Valley Panorama Print
6676-MC Petite Flower Earrings MC
7206-MC Circle Crystal Earrings MC
7379-MC Baguette Earring-Multicolor
7P Valley Panorama 16"
8131-MC Necklace Mosaic Cross Multicolor
8189-WHT Flora Necklace with Glass Pearls- White
8278-MC Necklace Mosaic Cross Multicolor
8292-TURQ Turquoise Small Dragonfly Necklace w/ Dangles
8298-MC Petite Mosaic Cross Necklace MC
8299-MC La Dolce Vita Oblong Necklace
8300-INDI La Dolce Vita Elaborate Necklace-Indicolite
8334-INDI La Dolce Vita Mosaic Square Pendant-Indicolite
8422-ERIN La Dolce Mosiac Crystal Necklace Erinite
8496-SIL Dainty Color Cross Silver
8533-MC Delicate Mosiac Roulette with Dangle Neckalce
8570-MC Circle Crystal Necklace MC
8574-MC Mini Winged Teardrop Pendant Necklace
8578-MC Mini Delicate Victorian Mosaic w/ Multicolor Drop Necklace
8579-MC Multicolor Mosaic Teardrop Necklace
8614-MC Baguette Pendant-Multicolor
8617-MC Baguette Pendant-Multicolor
8618-MC Baguette Simple Necklace-Multicolor
8620-MC Baguette Multicolor Pendant
8666-MC Small Geometric Cross Necklace-Multicolor
8685-MC La Dolce Vita Medium Necklace-Multicolor
8691-MC Baguette Elaborate Necklace-Multicolor
A-1708 Triangle Hoop Earrings
AMG132 Winter Scene
AT102 Gypsy
AT106 Ashley
AT114 Primavera Spring
BCAC22 Palisade Indian Camp
BCAC30 Early Start
D-4028 S/S Garnet Gemstone Twisted Wire Circle Earrings
D-4029 S/S Smokey Topaz Gemstone Twisted Wire Circle Earrings
D-4030 S/S Lemon Quartz Pear Twisted Wire
D-4858 S/S Blue Inlay Opal Whale Tail Earrings
D-4922 S/S Square Amth Gemstone Earrings
DMG28 Coyote Willow Creek
DMG30 Winter Beaver Pond
DMG31 Moonrise
DMG33 Emerald Creek
DU13 Peaks of Glory
E7229DC Earrings
E7367BXC Earrings
E7585BW Large Brass Tearshaped Textured Dangle Earrings
E7635ZP Earrings
E7684ZC Earrings
E7685XW Triangle Layered Dangle Earrings
E7805DC Earrings
E7827DW Brass Triangle Earring w/ Beads
E7842DC Earrings
E7843DC Earrings
E7844DC Earrings
E7845DC Earrings
E7868ZC Earrings
E7906DC Earrings
FD318 Purple Pinons
FD319 Secluded Cove
FD320 April Thaw
FD321 Golden Lights
FD322 Pond Reflections
FD323 Final Aspens
FD324 Season of Color
FD326 Dunes & Pinon
FD327 First Light
FD328 Creek and Willows
FD329 Violet Hills
FD330 Stormy Evening
GG2 Fall #14702
GY18 Bride (Canvas Embellished)
GY2 Still Life
GY6 The Soul Of Nature
GY65 "Roses" Painting on Canvas
J-2244 S/S GP Edging and Antique Look Stripes Heart Locket
JAK12 Shaded Siesta
JC15 Sharing The Water
JC16 Dunes
K-3355 S/S Blue Topaz Pendant W/Chain
K-4420 Bear Pendant with Opal Inlay and Chain
K-5646 S/S Amth Gemstone Twisted Wire Circle Pendant
K-5651 S/S Lemon Quartz Pear Twisted Wire
K-6480 S/S Square Amth Gemstone Pendant
K-6704 S/S Small Open Heart with Center Dancing Shimmering Stone Pendant
K-6705 S/S Open Circle w/ Center Dancing Shimmering Stone Pendant
KEA140 "Sunrise Ceremony"
LSS37: 7 1/2 x 6 1/2 Cross
LSS79 Broken Doors
LSS80 Door Way
NV14 Little Jewel Series #11
NV16 Little Jewel Series #13
NV19 Little Series #16
NV30 Winter Sky #5
NV31 Winter Sky #6
NV5 Monet
OTA18 Wet Mountain Valley Other Side Of Blanca
OTA25 They Came From the Past and Revisited my Cathedral
S-4759 S/S Rose-Gold 7.5" D-C Beads w/ Silver Accents Magnetic Closure Bracelet
SB166 Sherry Black Print
T-5453 Bracelet S/S Opal Flower
TDB1 Clear Creek
TDB11 Lake Como
TDB12 Autumn Palette (Mt. Herard at Sand Dunes)
TDB15 Morning in the Rockies 8x10 08112
TDB20 Fall Is In The Air
TDB21 Fall In The Canyon
TDB23 Evening On The Pass
TDB24 Changing Seasons
TDB26 Autumn Splendor
TDB27 Santa Clara Pottery
TDB6 Fun In The Sun
TRB101 Madonna With Peacock
TRB108 Madonna Peaceful & Serene As The Lotus
TRB85 "Mary Filled with Peace" Print
VV102 Son Of Sun
VV103 Chamisa Shack
VV105 Spring Time
VV106 Conejos Pops
VV107 South Fork Trail Head
VV108 Hummers
VV110 Fall Flight
VV111 Canada Fall
VV112 Egret Landing
VV113 Moonrise Out West
VV114 Angus Canyon
VV115 Cottonwood Cows
VV116 The Old Bridge
VV56 Snowfire Poppies
VV75 B's Geraniums
VV78 Elk Creek Road Fog
VV83 Single
VV87 Summers End
VV96 Day's Last Sliver
W-8898-6 Size 6 S/S CZ Double-band w/ Center Sq/ CZ Engagement Ring
W-9457-8 Size 8 S/S Blue Inlay Opal Squares Ring
W-9667-7 Size 7 S/S Opal Flat Ring
W-9896-7 Size 7 S/S 2 Stone Double Wedding Ring
W-9897-7 Size 7 S/S CZ Wedding Ring Set