Artist Works

Fran Dodd

12 works

Fran Dodd - FD329 Violet Hills
FD329 Violet Hills
Fran Dodd - FD330 Stormy Evening
FD330 Stormy Evening
Fran Dodd - FD327 First Light
FD327 First Light
Fran Dodd - FD328 Creek and Willows
FD328 Creek and Willows
Fran Dodd - FD326 Dunes & Pinon
FD326 Dunes & Pinon
Fran Dodd - FD324 Season of Color
FD324 Season of Color
Fran Dodd - FD322 Pond Reflections
FD322 Pond Reflections
Fran Dodd - FD323 Final Aspens
FD323 Final Aspens
Fran Dodd - FD320 April Thaw
FD320 April Thaw
Fran Dodd - FD321 Golden Lights
FD321 Golden Lights
Fran Dodd - FD318 Purple Pinons
FD318 Purple Pinons
Fran Dodd - FD319 Secluded Cove
FD319 Secluded Cove